Americomp Radiology Systems

Americomp X-Ray Systems can be either Analog or Digital utilizing CR or DR packages


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February 9, 2012

demoMulti-Specialty clinics are rising with the formation and combining of physicians and groups. Helping battle the high cost and lowering reimbursements of healthcare, these consortiums are effectively creating referral base and purchasing power. Our experienced representatives with Multi-Specialty groups can engineer enterprise wide solutions that can encompass radiology, oncology, and cardiolgy.


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February 9, 2012

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Americomp Radiology Systems

Michigan X-Ray carries a variety of X-Ray Equipment solutions. We can custom fit a radiographic suite to fit your needs. From Hospital grade to Private Practice, our imaging specialists can design a radiographic suite that fits your needs and budget.

Americomp AM1

The Float-Top Elevator table features a high quality lift mechanism designed for effortless patient transfer and positioning. Combined with a rotational tubestand and high frequency x-ray generator, this package is great for clinics and orthopedic offices. Perfect for Digital Radiography installations utilizing DR or CR. 

Key Features:

  • Elevating Table
  • Orthopedic tubestand on generous track lengths
  • Tube carriage provides transverse motion +/- 5" off-center of the table midpoint
  • Cross table and extended tube travel

Americomp AM2

The economical choice for the private practice. Four-Way Float Top Table and tubestand Matched with a Standard or High Frequency generator to meet your imaging demands and budget. Perfect for Digital Radiography installations utilizing DR or CR. 

Key Features:

  • Four-way, Float Top Pedestal Table
  • Rotational or non-rotational tubestand depending on imaging demands
  • Wall stand with mechanical or electric locks
  • Fit with a standard or high frequency x-ray generator

Americomp Spectra 30HF

The Spectra 30HF High Frequency X-Ray Generator is an Economical and High Performance x-ray generator. With thousands of systems installed worldwide the Spectra 30HF is the standard for replacement x-ray generators.

Key Features:

  • Output is 300mA (optional 500mA) and 125kVp
  • Easy to use two point technique or optional Anotomical Programmable Region console
  • Automatic line compensation
  • Five-Year limited parts warranty

Americomp Spectra 325e

A popular workhorse in the medical industry. This clean and reliable system accomplishes its objective of creating x-rays efficiently and controlling their production.

Key Features:

  • Output is 300mA and125kVp
  • Digital mAs reduces user reading error and improves setting accuracy and repeatability
  • Digital Timer
  • Five-Year limited parts warranty

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